Three Figures In A Room

A Good Friend Of Velasques

Beauty With Ornament, 9"x12"

Idols Of California,

Henry's Chinese Dream,

"Hieronimus Bosh's Premonition of 9/11", 30"x36"

Very Old Light,

Detail of "It's Easy"

It's Easy, 44" h, 30"w

The Jazz Pianist, 9"x13"

Mother And Child, 30"x44" iol on canvas

The Visions Of St.Theresa,

Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood,

The Perfect Painting, 16"x20"

Life Is A Freeway, 30"x30"

Window, 20"x24"

Stillife With Moon, 30"x24" oil on canvas

The Song Of The Papparotti,

In The Valley Of The Buddhas, 20"x30"

Van Gogh and Gaugiun Asleep On The Couch, 18"x14"