Your Inability to fly is simply an Illusion. 2016. 10.5"x13.8"

This Bird is your Friend. 2016. 9.5"x13.0"

You Can Find Beauty Everywhere, 2015, 14"z11", $130

I have Helped you All I Could, 2015, 16.5"x13.5" $240

An Old Alchemist. 2015, 11"x15", $ 180

There Must Be Art In Everything. 2015, 11"x14", $ 210

I am the king of all I survey—my right there is none to dispute. 2015, 18"x14" $ 299

Ca't we just live in peace? 2015, 11"x14" $150

A wise old bird. 2015, 11"x14"

Energy from the natural world, 2015, 12"x14" $220

The golden light all around us. 2015, 11"x14". $325

Two Chrysanthemums And Three Chickens, 11"x14". 2014

An Experiment With Dots 11"x14", 2014. $75

Peace! 2012, 11x14"

We will not be responsible for any damage resulting from equipment failure!

Nightingales eating Persimmons, 11"x14", 2014

A Long Tale, (sic), 2014

The Caterpillar Listens to The Song, 14"x11"

Oh NO, Not Another Rooster! 11"x14", 2014

Good Night. 14"x18", 2014

To Be or Not To be, That Is The Question, 11"x14", 2014

Throw your TV out the window. Now. SOLD

A short-tail on a Long branch, 2014, 14"X11"

How Simple, 2013 (11"x14")

Intimate Conversation, 2013 (11"x14") sold

Hawk, after Wang Yuan, 1380 t0 2013, 11x14"

Mother And Child

They Fall In Love, 2013, 11x14"

The True Rulers Of The Western World, 2013, 11x14"

A Mad Design, 2013, 11x14"

In The Summer They All Go To The Beach, 2013, 11x14"

A Moment To Collect Yourself, 2013, 11x14". $410

Wild Scribbling, 2013, 11X14". $150

Crane and Plum Writing, 14x18", 2013. $290 SOLD

Small Bird On Tender Branches, 2013, 11x13"

We need more Birds (and Plums!), 2012, 18 X 14 inches $345

Up and Down, 14 x 11, 2012. 190

The Shy Flower, 11x14, 2012. $190

Looking for Bananas. 2012, 14" x 11"

White Owl, 2012,16.5" x 12". $225

Wild Rooster, 2012, 9" x 14". $ 185

A Bird Contemplating The Ultimate Mystery of Existence, 14"x11", 2011

Instructions To the Young, 14"x11", 2011

Three Friends 14"x11", 2011

Noblesse Oblige 14"x18", 2011. $315

Messenger of the Wind, 2011 (11"x14")

Under The Sun, 2011 (18"x 13") $380

Plim Plum, Ploom. 2012, (14"x11")

Fall Leaves Camouflaged As Sparrows, 2011 (11"X14") $ 130

A Bird With Nice Legs! 2011 (11"X14")

The World Is Perfect, 14"x11", 2011

A Very Windy Day, 2010 (14"x11")

Another Selfportrait—in the style of Xu Bei-hung, 2010 (11"x14")

Calligraphic Birds , 2010 (11"x14" sold)

The Kingfisher and the Iris 2008 (11"x14")

Mother and Babies (11"x14") $ 145

Singing In The Snow, 2009, 17" x 14" $290

Announcing the Arrival of Good Friends 2005? (11"x14") $280

Morning Glories in the Afternoon 02/2009 (11"x14") $220

Rooster Challenging a Rock, 02/09 (11"x14")

Two non-smoking birds. Thank you. 14"x11". $ 165

Yin and Yang, 07/2008 (14"x18")

That Look… 12"x14" 2009

Going to sleep on a windy evening 06/2008 (11"x14")

Sparrow, Sumi-e (11"x14")

The Moon like a Pearl in the Sky (11"x14") $270

Yes, we are Sparrows… (11"x14") $145

Must Be Looking Good, 11"x14", 2014. $65

The Flower is the Song (11"x14")

The Infinite appearing as the Small (as 11"x14"!)

The Emperor of the World arrives (11"x14")

Evening Mood

Innocence (sold!)

Flying is easy when you are a Bird (11"x14")

Self-portrait, before Breakfast (10"x13")

Sumi-e bird remembers poetry (11"x14")

Bird Approaching Bamboo 8.0"x16.8"

My Big World (11"x14")

The Exasperation of daily Life (11"x14")

Meditation (11"x13.3")

Bird and Lotus Leaves (14"x17")

Show me the Way to the Ocean (11"x14")

Sleep (11"x14")

Isn't it Time to buy another Zaremba? (11"x14")

Fall Concert (14"x18")SOLD

My computer doesn't work! (8"x9")

They quarrel, but it's not serious (11'x14")

Flying home

You may complain (11x14)

Abstract and Crazy (12x15, I think)

A Well-Rounded Individual (11x14)

Geese Enjoying Emptiness (11x14)

Average Citizens (11x14)

Playing In The Wind, 2014 (11x14)

Thouroughly Moder Cranes, 11"x14"

A Masterwork Of Restraint (11x14)

What? We Have No Bananas? (14x18)

Tribal Affiliations, 14"x11"

Madonna and Child, 2003, 14"x11"

To The Moon, 2010, 16"h

Another Stupid Fight Over a Parking-Space

Wild and Spontaneous (11x14)

Celebration of Autumn, 18"h

A Voice From Above, 14"x18"

A Short Tail on a Long Branch. 14"x11"

Simple Enough, 14"x11"

A Nap in the Middle of the Day,

A New Twist, 11"x14"

Spontaneous Image, 14"x11"

Inspector Bird,

Birds in an Ecstatic Mood,

At Night, 15"11"

Friendly Neighbors, 14"x11"

Over The Lake,

Madonna with Five Children

Waking and Sleeping, 18"x14"

Dove in a Stylistic Mood, 11"x14"

Ready for Free-Fall, 11"x14"

They Are Married,