Strength, 2015, 18"x10", $175

Planted in my Mind a Thousand Years ago 2015, 11x14", $60

Noble Bamboo painted with a crumpled Tissue. 2015, 18x14", $190

Zen Bird. 2015, 11"x14"

Positive Magic. 2015, 11"x14" $85

Harmony troughout the empire. 2015, 11"x14" $150

Music and Food. 2015, 11"x14"

A transcendent version of the ordinary world. 2015, 18"x14"

Dream Of Red Mansions, 2015, 11"x14" $95

At Last! Edible Art, 2015, 11"x14" $110

The Courageous Butterfly, 14"x11" 160

"The Simple Life", 2010 (11""x14")

Iris in The Spontaneous Style, 114"x11", 2011

Bamboo after a Summer-rain, 2010, 11"x14", $110

Green Bambaoo, 2012, 14x18

Effortless Grace, 2012, 11x14"


In The Morning, 11"x114", 2000, $140


A Pair of Pears, 11"x14", 2014

The Worshipping Bee, 14"x11', 2014

light rain, sold

Sunrise, 14"x11", 2014

Bamboo Approved by Ministry of Culture, 14"x11", $85

The Conqueror of Mt. Bokchoi, 12.5"x14", 2014

In the Morning You Stretch Your Legs, 14"x11", 2014

Love-affair by the Fence, 14"x11", 2014

Chrysanthemem in the Free Style, 2013 (12"x17")

Life on a Cucumber, 2013 (14.2"x18.5")

Sweet Wealth, 2013 (11"x14")

A New Iris, 2013, 11x14"

Tranquility, 2013, 11x14"

The Old And The New, 2013, 11x14"

A Small Insignificant Painting, 2012

Forgetting the Brush

The Less You Read The Better, 2013, 11x14"

Sparrow and Peony

Late Spring

Blues for Butterflies, 14x11, 2012, $350

The Queen of Flowers, 14"x18", 2011, $249

Still Single? 2013, 11x14", $75

At This Moment, 14x11. 2012. $195

Ink-Bamboo, 2011 (11"x14")

Recognition, 2012, 14" x 11" $235

Cricket under Nice Brush-Stroke. 2012, 14"x11"

A Dancing Lesson, 2011 7"W x 18"H, $190

Solo, 2010 (11"x14")

I Should Paint More Orchids, 2010 (11:x14")

"Harvest Song", 2010 (11"x14)

"Spring Notes" 2010, 11"X14"

Camelia and a Little Moth, 2010, 11"x14"

An Invitation for Bees

In Moonlight

Hiding Behind Flowers

The Joy Of Grandparents

"Patterns of Color on plain Paper" 07/2008, 11"x14"

The White Blossom, 11x14

Bamboo Practicing Calligraphy

"Some can sing—some can't" 4.2004, 11"x14",

Whiter than white

"Between Heaven and Earth" 5/2007, 11"x14"

Leaves following the Path of least Resistance

The Poet in his simple Hut

Singing in the Rain

Everyone wants to paint like Qi Baishi

A Bee resting under Daffodils

2 Pears & 1 Bee

Cardinal Pleasures

"Shy" 06/2008, 11"x14"

Two Friends In Autumn, 11"x14", 2014

The Coffe-Bird, 14"x11"

After Hiroshige, 18"h

Is There A Cricket Here? 14"x11"

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, 11"x14"

The Polite Daffodil, 11"x14"

Flower painted with Credit-Card, 11"x14"

Instant Credit, 11"x14"

Daylily after a restful Night, 11"x14"

To The Right

Friendly Neighbors11"x14"

The Intoxicated Insect

Yes, We Have Grapes!

Male and Females

An Anonymous Bird

Motel For Lonely Bees

The Mantis Is Always Praying


Light Rain, 2013, 11"x114"

Small Treasure

For Very Refind Tastes

The Spider and The Rose, 14x18

Chrisanthemum in the Spontaneous Style, 14"11"

In The Wind

Noble. 18"x14"

Everyone wants to paint like Qi Bai, 11"x14" $120

Best Wishes, 11"x14"