The Famous Cat, 11"x14" 2015

The Same Famous Cat, 13.5"x16.8" 2015

Cat and Ant Under Red Leaves, 11"x14" 22015

Spring Kicks In, 11"x14" 2013

When I Grow Up I want To Play, 11"x14" 2015

Oh-Oh… 11"x14" 2015

Kitty, kitty—come out… 2016, 13.8"x18.5"

The Orphan Kitten, 11"x14" 2014

"Every Day Is A Good Day", 11"x14" 2015

The velvetine Rabbit. 2015,14"x11", $ 85

Tha Late Shift, 2015. $260

Have you tried eating lunch sitting in a tree? 2015. 14"h. $95

Adam and Eve before the Fall. 2015, 14"h. $235

Double Happiness, 14"11". $112

Innocent Play, 14"x11". $245

The Nuclear Family without Bombs, 12"x14.5", 2014

Two Very Elegant Snails, 14"x11" $225

You CAN make a horse drink, 18" wide, $275

A Swinging Monkey, 11"x14"

Jumping Horse (after Xu Beihong, 15.0"x13.5")

Quiet Please! 2015, 14"x11", $165

Fast Horse (11"x14")

The Saga of the Tree-Climbing Rabbits, 2014, 11x14"

A Horse Clearing My Name, 2012, 11x14"

A Very Japanese Horse, 14"x11", 2014. $190

Careful, Please

Fun, 14x18, 2012. $445

We Approve of Good Dogs

Every Rose Has Some Fleas

The Secret of Success, 11"x14", 2014

A Romantic Comedy, 18.5"x14.0"

Eat Now, Pay later 13"x15", 2014

Shelter from the Rain (11"x14")

Fully Armed Shrimp, 11"x14", 2014

A Singing Deer, 12.5"x15", 2014

Another Romantic Comedy, 14"x11", 2014

Everyone Likes To Go Swimming, 12.5"x18", 2014

The Good Fish, 18"x14", 2014

The Jouful Line, 14"x11", 2011

One Broad Stroke 2009 (11"x14")

Calm and confident (11"x14")

Friendship, 14"x11"

White Rabbit and Black Flower, 14"x11", 2014

Best Friends, 14"x11", 2014

A Singular Plant-Eating Mammal, 2013 (11"x14")

The Fish Are Concerned. 14"x11', 2014

Fish Playing With The Cat, 14"x11', 2014

Waking and Dreaming, 11"x14", 2014

A Fashionable Painting Of A Fashionable Woman, 2013, 11x14"

An Interview, 2013, 11x14"

Kawaiiiiii, 2011 11"W x 14"H

This Painting Is Bugged, 11x14", 2013. $225

Ze Big Cat 18"x14" 2008

The Restless Tiger, 2013, 11x14" $1140

Miles Davis?, 2012

A Remarkable Jump, 11x14,2012

Bad Dog, 2012, 11"x 14"

Every Man Is A Tiger, 2011, 11X14 in.

The Brave Squirrel, 14"x11", 2011. $170

The Plyful Crab 2011, 11"H x 14"W. $90

Morning Prayer, 2011 11"W x 14"H

The Remarkable Toad, 2011 (11"x14") $160

A Stolen—but Improved—Tiger, 2010 (11"x14") $115

Entering the Path of Success, 2010 (11"x14")

Putt'n On De Brakes, 2010 11"x14")

The First Buddhist Disciple, 2010 (11"x14")

The Dangerous Tiger. $130

The Lonely Wabbit, 2009 (11"x14") $75

Summer Day (Finger-Painting, 14"x18") 2009. $365

White Mouse and Green Cabagge 14"x11". $140

Small dog appreciating Plum Blossoms 11"x14" 12/08 (sold)

The Tiger. second version 18"x14" 2008. $345

Three Friends under Wysteria (11"x14") 4/08

The brave Squirrel (11"x14") $165

Why don't you come over for a cup of sake? (11"x13")

Chihuahua Method (14"x11")

Deer chasing a Cloud (11"x14")

Yin—Yang (11"x14")

Not thinking about it is better than trying to understand it (11x14)

Desire (11"x14") $ 140

Play (11"x14")

Beautiful even when sleeping (11"x14") $240

I am trying to forget who I am (11"14")

Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven (11"x14")

The Rich Cricket 15.6"x10.2" 2005

Little pet-goat (11"x14") $340

Symbol of Success (11"x14")

Self-portrait as a famous Author (11"x14")

Thinking of you could drive a Dog insane (18"x12")

Three Friends

A tiger after a meal (34cmx58cm) $475

The Roar of the Tiger 13"x18" 2006 #325

Like Flowers by the River (11"x14")

sold Titles should be succinct and to the point. Short. One or two words, maybe. No more verbosity from me! No. Nothing. Zip

Dive Deep, Oh Mind… 2013, 14x18"

Sad Rabbit, 14"x11"

Finger-Painting, 18"x14"

Listening, 14"x11" $210

"Woman" knitting a Dog, 18"x14"