Twentysomething. 2016. 10.5"x13.7"

You Will Always Have Money, 2015 11"x11", gold-flecked paper, $145

The Secret of Long Life, (Act 1) 2015, 11"x14", $160

The Secret of Long Life (Second Act)), 2015, 18"x14", $275

If you hear this, you will wake up! 2015, 11"x15" $ 95

Green Tara, 2015, 16.5"x11.3" $95

Free. 2015, 11"x15" 130

Sitting. 2015, 11"x14"

KATSU!!! 2015, 11x15" $ 88

The Moon is My Football, 2014, 14"x11", $130

Summertime, 12.5" x 18", 2014

Woman and Plants, 12"x14". 2014, $400

Daruma, 11"x14", 2014 , $ 160

Henry's Dream, 11"x14",2014, $245

We Don"t Know How Heavy We Are, 11"x17", 2014

Have We Met Before?, 14" high, 2014

Wild Pleasures, 14"x11" 2014

The Zen Master (10"x13")

An Improved Matisse, 11"x14", 2014

We Were Funny A Thousand Years Ago, 11"x15", 2014

Insight without Outline, 14"x11"

Aristotle and Alexander, 14x18, 2012

Hotei Practicing For the Soccer Championship, 2013, 11x14"

Ornamental Beauty, 2013, 11x14"

Dragon on gold-flecked paper, 2012

The Dragon King, 2012, 12"x15"

Hotei Crossing a Stream, 14"x11", 2011

Contemplation, 14"x11", 2011, $77

Bodhidharma in the Cold, 2011 (11"x14"), $155

Empty and Stupid, 2011 (11"x14"), $ 1110

Chuang Tze Dreaming He Was A Butterfly, 2010 (11"x14"),$ 170

"Bodhidharma", 2010 (11"x14"), $275

Cloud Dragon, 2009 (11"x14"). $145

Recovering under Pine Trees 14"X18" 12/08

Sumo Wrestler (11"x14")

The Second Patriarch equalizing his Mind

If this is not a Goddess, then I'm not Human (11"x14")

Buddha returning from the Mountain (2. version 11"x14")

Daruma facing the Wall (10"x13")

A Girl and her Chicken 12.2"x13.7", $ 160

Two Dragons Playing, 2012, 12x21 inches

Kuan-Yin and the Cloud Dragon (2 shikishi, each 9.5"x10.6") Dragon sold

Kuan-Yin, The Buddha of Compassion (11"x14") $95

Nude 15"x18"

Scholar reading under a Tree (11"x14")

Taoist riding the tiger (11"x14")

A collector of Fine Things (13.7"x23.9")

Intoxicated Jester (11"x14")

Buddha returning from the mountain (detail)

Meditation Or Else! 14"x11"

Tour de France, 14"x11"

Life as a Dance, 11"x14"

A Young Girl. 18"x14"

"Woman" knitting a Dog, 18"x14"