The Music of the Trees, 13"x14", 2016

Here We Discuss Affairs Of State, 11"x14", 2016

Mememory of a Painting, 2015, 29"x14", $430

Bonsai-Mountains, 2015, 11"x14", $125

Another Life, 2015. 27"x14", $340

A pleasant walk in a beautiful world. 2015, 18"x12"

My Studio in the Alabama Hills. 2015, 15"x14" $260

I never claimed to enclose, limit or define anything. 2015. 11"14"

The geometry of space and time. 2015, 18"x14"

Sengai says this is what the world looks like. 2015, 11"x14" $120

Feeding the Fish… 2015, 11"x14" $85

The World In Full Color, 2015, 13.5"x21.5" $375

Tranquility and Emptiness, 2015, 11"x14" $110

For A King, 18"x14", 2014 $270

Small Village Under Tall Mountain, 2014, 14"x29" $330

Ancient Master copying Ancient Masters, 2013 (11.5"x15.0")

Clouds and River, 11x14, 2014

Now! 11.5"x12.5"

The Mind At Rest

Just The Facts, Please.

We Don"t Know How Heavy We Are, 11"x17", 2014


New Snow In The Mountains

Two Friend In The Studio, 12x16, 2014

Say Hello to Sesshu for me, 18"x14", 2014

Where Poets Live, 14"x11", 2014

1.The Blue-Green Style, 18"x14", 2009

3.The Blue-Green Landscape in Blue-Brown, 18"X14", 2014

2.Just Ink, 14"x18", 2013 F

A Very Detailed Picture, 14"x11" 2011

Meanwhile, Back In Guilin… 2012, 14x18. $325

Boating (1), 14"x11", 2014. $160

Boating (2), 14"x11", 2014. 160

The Hermitage, again, vertically, 2014, 18"high. 290

painted in Cambridge, 2014, 14"wide

Wang Hui Improved, He Said, 2013 (17"x27") $490

Quiet Evening, 14"x11", 2011. $265

Monastery In THe Snow, 2013, 11x14"

The Internal Universe, 2013, 31" high, $385

Thankfulness, 12"x25", 2000. $180

A True View, about 24 inches high, 2012

The Isle Of The Living, 2011 14"x19". $355

Expecting Friends, copy of Wang-E, 15th century2012, 18x14 inches

Mountains Unending, 2012, 18" x 10"

A Quiet Mind, 2012, 11"x14", $79

Lanscape with River, 2012, 10"x14", sold

This Is Really A Landscape, 15.5"x11", 2011, sold

Sea of Mountains (Po-Mo), 11"x14" 2011

Five Hundred Years Of Landscape, 14"x11" 2011

Two Trees, Two Birds, Two Mountains, 2011, 11"x14"

Cranes building a Nest, 2011 (11"x14") $80

The Blue-Green Style, 2011 (11"x14") $95

Following The Southern School, 1992 and 2011, 16"x13")

A Landscape for Philosophers, 2011 14"X18"

A Chinese Landscape Painted in the Japanese Manner, 2011 (35cm x 48 cm)

A Copy of Seshu, 15. century (11"x14") $360

Copy Of Sesshu, 15th Century 11"14"

Sesshu painted some small paintings—$155

Who Can Appreciate Ni T'san? 2010 (11"x14")

Playing The Ch'in Under A Pine, 2010 (14"x18") $270

Moon And Clouds, 2010 (7"x16")

Winter Mood. 2010 (14"x11")

A Monastery in the Mountains (12.7" X 24.0", 2010) $525

Does Anyone Live There? Po Mo 2010 (11.5"x15.2") $280

A Peculiarly Satisfying Experience, 2009, 10"X18"

The Cultural Avant Garde Resting on its Way to complete Bancruptcy, 2009 11"X14". $190

Mount Fujisan 05/09 11"x14" $144

Po-Mo (splashed-ink) 02/09 (18"x14") $420

Conversation in the Mountains 14"x24" 04/08

Glorious Summer, 25"x12" $290

The Long Winter, 25"x12" $290

A Monastery in the Winter Mountains 14"x18"

There are no other Goals (11"x14") $245

I'll show you a Place that's not insane (14"x12")

"Mountain—Water" Calligraphy 11/2004, 11"x14",

Cézanne meets Fan Kuan (23.2"x9.2")

True Independence (11"x14")

Sesshu's Habokko* Landscape (*broken-ink, 26.7"x13.6")

Visiting Chü-Jan in the 11. Century (11"x14")

Oh Seeker of Treasures, why look further? (11"x14")

Looking down…

"A Chinese Landscape painted in the Japanese Style by a German in America", on silk, scroll

Mountains and Water 18"x18"

The Fragrance of Spring (11"x14")

Imaginary Landscape (Po-Mo, 11"x14")

15. century Zen style (18.5"x12.7")

The Pure Land 24.3"x11.8"

Landscape in the style of Sesshu, 15th century 14.9"x13.8"

In The Evening He Recites Poetry, 13x18", 1995

Fishing, 18"x14"

Colorado Landscape

Beautiful Snow, 18"x14"

My Studio Y The River, 14"x11"

Big Brush-Strokes, 2014

Hermitage of the Three Friends. 18"x14"

Woman Walking Under Trees, 11"x14"

Too Much Color, 11"x14"

Colours In The Sky,