1941 Born in Leipzig, Germany, son of the painter Franz Zaremba.

1960 Emigrates to the US, studies engineering in Los Angeles, CA.

1963 Studio in Venice, California. First one-man show in Los Angeles.

1964 Four years of painting with the German Expressionist Fritz Schwaderer.

1968 Refuses to participate in Vietnam. Lives in West-Berlin and Istanbul.

1969 Studies Pictorial Art at UCLA (with Diebenkorn and Armand).

1972 The chancellor of UCLA, Dr. Knudsen, arranges to sell all of Zaremba's paintings to benefit the victims of the war in Bangladesh.

Zaremba spends several years as a monk in a monastery in Hollywood.

1977 Paints in Afghanistan, Kurdestan, and the Indian Himalayas.

1978 Studies ancient Buddhist cave-paintings in Ajanta and Ellora, India.

1979 Studies Oriental Painting with the Zen master Dr. Hisashi Ohta, who is designated

A Living National Treasure of Japan.

1982 Dr. Hisashi Ohta presents all his Japanese students to Zaremba.

Zaremba becomes instructor for Sumi-e (Japanese Ink-Painting), and teaches at the Japanese Cultural Center in Los Angeles for 18 years.

1984 Invited by the Mayor of Los Angeles to show with the Mexican master Francisco Zuñiga in the Olympic Art Exhibition.

1986 Exhibits Sumi-e regularly in Berlin, Germany and Helsinki, Finland.

1990Successful one-man show of Sumi-e in Niigata, Japan.

1994 Invited by Chinese painters to join the prestigious Chinese Calligraphers and Painter Association.

1995 Receives 1995 Millennium International Internet Art Grant. Demonstrates Contemporary Chinese Painting at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena.

1996 Lectures at Shambala Institute and Art Center College of Design, CA.

1997 Teaches Oriental Painting for three years at the Riverside Museum of Art.

1998 Two simultaneous exhibitions in Leipzig, Germany. Paints Sumi-e for faculty and students of the University Leipzig, Germany.

1999 On the advice of John Naka, Americas greatest Bonsai Master, the National Bonsai Museum, Washington, DC, buys a scroll for the permanent collection.

Invited by South Korean government to show in "100 Artists of the World Unite".

2000 One-man show at The Riverside Art Museum, CA. Moves to Boston, MA.

2001 Exhibitions of oils in Arlington, MA, and of Sumi-e in Hameln, Germany.

2002 Painting for the Museum of Art and the Japan/America Society, Cincinnati.

2004 One-man show at Gallery ARTWORKS, New Bedford, MA.

2005 Exhibition and class for Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft in Leipzig, Germany.

2006 Paints and lectures for the German/American Society, Leipzig, Germany.

"Second Place" at Beacob Hill Art Walk

2007 "Third Place" at Beacob Hill Art Walk.

2008 "Second Place" at Beacon Hill Art Walk, Cambridge, MA.

2009 Teaches at Worcester Museum of Art. One-man show at "from Russia With Art" Cambridge, MA.

2010 Illustrates book "Song of Trusting the Heart", a 6th century Zen Text.

"First Place" Master category OAS, Huntington Beach, CA.

Exhibitions at "Gallerie Süd", Leipzig and "Kunsthaus Müller, Thüringen", Germany.

2011 Invited by Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft to teach a Sumi-e class in Germany.

2011 Illustrates the book SONG OF TRUSTING THE HEART, a poem by the Third Patriarch of Zen

of China, translated by Tamarack Song. The book receives the Nautilus Book Award.

2012 Exhibits at "Raise The Roof" CCAE Cambridge, MA.

2013 "Russian Cultural Festival" Newton, MA.

2014 Paints "Haiga" at 1st Annual Haiku Gathering, Wild Graces, NH

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