The Truth About 12-25


On 12-25 supposedly
My true love gave to me
A partridge in a pear tree.

We’ve all seen the videos of a partridge flying into a pear-tree and WHAM! the whole thing collapses.
That defies the Laws of Physics, doesn’t it? No bird has ever brought a tree down by landing in it.

Let’s look at the evidence: Where are the pears? This is definitely bamboo.
And that sorry bird, painted in a blurry manner (that painter needs some lessons!)
does that look like a PARTRIDGE to you???

Some people say, there never was a partridge; those are the despised “Conspiratorialistas”.
But what then, pray, are these blue explosions in the upper left ?
Looks like a controlled demolition to me…

If Santa Claus ever finds out about this, we can scrap the remaining Eleven Days of Christmas.