Greetings From The Two of Us

chrysanthemums-yellow copy

There are quite a number of people who believe that only animals of the family of Homo sapiens have emotions. Apparently they have never been greeted by a dog. I can tell that my canary is happy when I take him out on the balcony. Those who now grudgingly admit that certain higher animals might have some simple emotions, I invite to step into an ants' nest. Are those ants angry? Do they heroically sacrifice their lives in a fervor of patriotic frenzy, without thinking?

Now that we have crossed that barrier, we can enter the emotional life of flowers and plants. Some are ablaze with enthusiasm, others may be shy, or just modest. You have to be blind not to see it!

And why, do you think, are the stars shining???

Emptiness and Bliss


Walking under trees after a rain makes you normal again. Your mind hangs itself out to dry. The trees show you how to be simple.
Perfect simplicity is emptiness. That's why you have to make your mind empty, at least once a day.

If you can paint eyebrows you can paint these trees. The skill lies in knowing where to cross the branches.
It's simple; trust me.

Then you paint a red stroke and put a black dot on top of it: Voila, a chaste maiden deep in thought!
This is what your soul wants.