In The Beginning


My research into the origin of my family has taken me all the way back to a certain Adam Zaremba who lived in the vicinity of Bhagdad. Of course, Bhagdad—The City of Light”—wasn’t there yet. We have to thank this ancestor of mine for naming all the animals. He correctly named the ant “ANT”, and the zebra “ZEBRA”, without making a single mistake! He even named the RHINOTZEROSS, even though it is very difficult to spell.

Did he get payed for this? No.
On the contrary, The absentee landlord—a Mr. G. (who has more aliases than a dog has fleas)—accused him of stealing apples and threatened him with a flaming sword.
I ask you, what is a man to eat, when he doesn’t get payed and is so poor that he has to construct a pair of pants from fig-leaves???