Looking for Bananas

banana-sparrows 2

In our country the Wisest Men are elected to the Supreme Court. Five of the Wise Men ruminated that a piece of paper very much resembles a human being—and therefore it IS one! That put these sparrows in a chirpy mood, for, certainly, they too, were now bona fide humans.

But the Wise Ones can’t stop thinking. The latest result of their introspection is a law that says:

“Any human walking around without a bicycle-bell must take his pants off, bend over and spread his cheeks—so that the officials can look for contraband bananas.”

Our feathered friends are horrified! First, they don’t have bells; and second they have no pants. They were sure to get the death-penalty!
Last week they escaped to an (unnamed) banana republic bereft of Wise Men. There they eat contraband bananas.